Thursday, October 2, 2014

NYCC Exclusive Greads from Evil Dave x Dead Hand Toys


    We're officially one week away from the opening of New York Comic Con, so I'm gonna try and step up my game and show you all my favorite stuff that will be available there.   Be prepared to have your minds blow, your souls ache, and your wallet scream for mercy (in no particular order).

    You see these custom Greads from Evil Dave and Dead Hand Toys?  These are what you would call a bargain, cause not only are they 100% hand made, they're also 100% affordable.  Hot dogs at the Javitts Center cost more than these and only one of them will give you a tapeworm.  Ten full size Greads were made and cost only $28, while 30 micro Greads were produced and they will run ya a mere $12 each.  Twelve dollars for a hand made art toy?  These will be available at Suburban Vinyl's booth #208, which is part of the massive Tenacious Toys collective.  You can't miss it, the thing is like the size of a city block, but with minimal chance of being run over by an aggressive cab driver.  

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