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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Tiger Guts Taylor Resin Figure from Rultron

   I love me some wrasslin, and just thinking about it gets me all hype.  Not hype enough to actually wrestle, because I learned yesterday that I have arthritis in my right knee.  My knee cap is as crooked as our country's administration, and it's been grinding away.  I only went to the orthopedist because it became difficult to walk up the stairs without being mistaken for an extra on the Walking Dead, so a couple of X-rays later I had my diagnosis.  Oh, and I got a cortisone shot, which is its own special brand of interesting.  The doctor first found the space in between bone and tendon, sprayed it with a numbing agent, and STUCK THE ENTIRETY OF A FOUR INCH HYPODERMIC NEEDLE INTO MY KNEE.  I'm talking this sucker was buried to the hilt, which I was not warned about ahead of time, so I'm sure I made one of my famous WTF faces.  Truth be told I didn't feel much of anything, and I guess a heads up about what he was going to do would make most people get up and leave, but it was still a bit of a shock to see the whole thing disappear into my body.  I hope that is the last time I ever have cause to write that sentence.

    I will have to live my Wrestlemania dreams vicariously through Tiger Guts Taylor, a resin figure from artist Rultron.  This dude is 20 cm of suplexing fury that is out there wrestling intergalactic punks in space so that he can earn his passage home, which sounds like a way better plot than the last Star Wars film.  He was produced by Dead Hand Toys and can only be obtained by emailing

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Danger Mascot Resin Figure from Tenacious Toys

    It's strange to me that people think because you have cats that you obviously don't like dogs.  I love dogs, I'll have you know, and in fact there aren't any animals that fall outside of the realm of parasites that I don't like.  Even leeches are ok in my book, though my wife is still fighting me on using our basement to farm medical grade leeches for use in hospitals.  That part of the house is pretty much going to waste instead of working for us as a lucrative vampire worm business/tax write off.  

   I don't have the time nor the resources to dedicate to a real dog, but this resin mascot from Tenacious Toys would be a perfect substitute.  Based on the logo illustration from Playful Gorilla, this 2.5 inch figure was sculpted to perfection by Nemo and cast in Tenacious blue by resin wizard Dead Hand Toys.  There will be more colors in the future, but this one will be an open edition to help spread the love of the world's hardest working online toy retailer far and wide.  

    These are available right now for $25 from  

Thursday, October 2, 2014

NYCC Exclusive Greads from Evil Dave x Dead Hand Toys


    We're officially one week away from the opening of New York Comic Con, so I'm gonna try and step up my game and show you all my favorite stuff that will be available there.   Be prepared to have your minds blow, your souls ache, and your wallet scream for mercy (in no particular order).

    You see these custom Greads from Evil Dave and Dead Hand Toys?  These are what you would call a bargain, cause not only are they 100% hand made, they're also 100% affordable.  Hot dogs at the Javitts Center cost more than these and only one of them will give you a tapeworm.  Ten full size Greads were made and cost only $28, while 30 micro Greads were produced and they will run ya a mere $12 each.  Twelve dollars for a hand made art toy?  These will be available at Suburban Vinyl's booth #208, which is part of the massive Tenacious Toys collective.  You can't miss it, the thing is like the size of a city block, but with minimal chance of being run over by an aggressive cab driver.  

Friday, June 14, 2013

Funguhs Custom Wave 3 from Dead Hand Toys

    Benefits of being a cyclops:

1.) You save tons of money on contact lenses.

2.) You're a shoe in to be cast in any movie involving Greek mythology.

3.) Your lack of depth perception means you never have a turn to drive in your carpooling group.

    See, many of life's genetic defects have bright sides that you never thought about before.  Unless you're a Nickelback fan as that mutated gene is born of pure evil.  Sorry.

    Dead Hand Toys is releasing this third wave of custom Funguhs today at 5pm Eastern time via  They're only $15 each, which makes them the most affordable hand made toy I can think of.  

Friday, May 24, 2013

Super Series Sunday from Dead Hand Toys x Tenacious Toys

    These guys kinda remind me of those scrubbing bubbles that are supposed to raise hell on the grime in your bathroom.  When I was little I thought that those guys were legit and really did all the work for you, so I never understood why my mom griped about cleaning.  Imagine my disappointment when I found out this was not in fact the case and those bubbles are just as lazy as anything else that comes from a spray bottle.

    Dead Hand Toys made these Greeds by mixing three different shades of blue resin together, so each one is unique.  They will be blind bagged as part of Tenacious Toy's Super Series Sunday sale for $20 each.  These will be available this Sunday (May 26th) at

Friday, May 17, 2013

Nex Preorder from Dead Hand Toys

    This brain has gone rogue!  I'd like to think this is what your brain will do to you if you watch that Honey Boo Boo show.  That it would just completely rebel and wage war on you for subjecting it to something so dumb.  A boy can dream.

    This is Nex and he/she/it was made by Dead Hand Toys.  It's hand cast in resin and hand painted and a deal at only $40.  Plus the arms are articulated, so you could actually play with it in the bath tub with your GI Joes.  Don't act like you have no idea what I'm talking about you cheeky monkey.

    Preorders go up today (May 17th) at 5pm Easter time at