Thursday, October 2, 2014

NYCC Exclusive Eti the Space Nurse from Peter Kato x Cubo NY

    Why is it that whenever you hear people talk about being abducted by aliens all they can focus on is the fact they got probed.  It doesn't seem to be that big of a deal that a species from somewhere in the galaxy travelled all the way to Earth, thought they'd be cool to snatch, and then kidnaps them for an undisclosed period of time.  It's the fact that they were violated in the name of alien science.  It seems weird to me, that if a race of beings is so far advanced that they can create these super fast space ships to visit strange planets that the only thing they'd be concerned with is the inner workings of our butts.  What I think happens in a lot of these abductions is that the people were probably really drunk and hanging around these back country roads (where all of these abductions take place) and some hillbilly picked them up and played doctor with them in his conversion van.  The SyFy channel should be calling me any minute.

    This is how I prefer to think of aliens, as these super chill critters who are just looking to help.  Peter Kato has gone so far as to suggest that many are employed in the health care field and traveling all over the galaxy curing rare diseases.  Take Eti here, a nurse with a heart of gold that makes house calls you may not even know you need.  This figure is a collaboration between Peter and Cubo NY, who is a toyshop/3d printing service.  She's limited to only 20 pieces, will sell for $60 each, and is a New York Comic Con exclusive for Cubo NY's booth # 501.  And she comes with that cool syringe stand that they should sell in life-size versions so I can get one for my living room.  

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