Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Bad News Dunny from Mishka x Kidrobot is a Thing of Beauty

    I could sum up how I feel about this Mishka x Kidrobot collaborative Dunny collection with one picture that I think you all know and love:

    I don't break out the "cute otter reaching for an ice cream sandwich" photo for just any toy.  No no no.  It is reserved for those special toys that make my soul ache with a longing I can barely describe.  And let me tell you, I'm jaded as hell about what I like.  I've seen it all and I'm not easily impressed, but I am loving these to no end.  Maybe it's because I spend my working life making eyeglasses and therefore feel a special connection to that organ.  Maybe it's cause I want a fuzzy bear suit.  Or maybe I just know greatness when I see it.  Now, let's get down to the particulars before you think I've gone soft on ya.  As you can see, there will be 8 inch and 3 inch versions of both color ways.  The 8 inch polar bear is a Kidrobot exclusive and only available through their website and their Las Vegas and San Francisco stores.  The 8 inch kodiak version is an exclusive to Mishka and Dunny retailers world wide. I'm guessing the 3 inch ones will be available all over because they weren't too specific about them.  They will be released on October 24th, so you have a bit of time to save some cash beforehand.  

   If you're lucky enough to be attending New York Comic Con, Mishka will also be offering limited preorders of the 8 inch kodiak and the two 3 inch Dunnys.  Hit up their booth # 110 for more info.

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