Wednesday, October 8, 2014

NYCC Exclusive "Inner Beast" from Scott Wilkowski x Monster Worship x Lulubell Toys

   I can feel my wallet getting thinner every time I do a post about New York Comic Con.  The fact that I just bought a car, or just paid my mortgage is weighing heavily on my brain, so much so that I think my eyes might be bulging out a little.  But there's so much goodness to be had, that I can then bring home and take pictures of and put in my display cases and drool on every once in a while.   Why must I be tormented so?  Why couldn't I just start a website about professional wrestling, or flea markets or abandoned places in New Jersey or anything else that doesn't make me want everything I see?

   Look at how amazing Monster Worship's Alter Beast figure looks with one of Scott Wilkowski's sweet skeletal forms stuffed inside?  It's a thing of beauty and will be on sale from the folks at Lulubell Toys at booth #408 on a first come, first served basis.  

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