Friday, May 31, 2013

Weirdos In Space: Wave 1 featuring Rampage Toys and Blurble

    Does a title ever get more descriptive?  There is no ambiguity about what you're going to get here.  You're going to get some freaky looking dudes that some how found their way into the final frontier.  It's a drastic difference from when you buy one of those tv dinners and it looks so delicious on the box, yet when you heat it up in looks like a possum got sick on a plate.  Disappointment and diarrhea every time.  

    These space travelers are the work of Rampage Toys and Blurble, while their alien craft was made by Tru:Tek.  Ten of each design were made in random colors and they will be $24 each.  You can pick one up when they go on sale today (May 31) at 9pm London time at

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