Friday, May 3, 2013

Pyramid Artifact by Mike Fisher x Oni Creations

    Yeah, technically this is not a toy, and technically I don't give a crap because it's cool. I have a ton of weird stuff that would look amazing sitting next to one of these Pyramid Artifact sculptures. And if the police find this in your house after you've been dead and your cats have nibbled on you it will most likely set off an intense investigation. They may think you were practicing for your amateur necromancy club that meets at Barnes and Noble on Tuesday nights. Or that you were just weird. Anything you can do to make someone's day more interesting is worth doing.

    Mike Fisher is the man behind this mysterious eye, and they were produced by Oni Creations, which is Frank Kozik's resin venture. The white version you see above is an open edition, the first 50 of which will release today for $55.

    This is the one I want though, for obvious reasons. It is the Eye of Odin edition and is made with clear and teal swirled resin. Only 25 of these were made and they will be $70 each. Give it a prominent place in your house or you will never see Valhalla.

    Both of these go on sale today (May 2) at noon Pacific time at

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