Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Paint Your Own Tripus with Max Toy Co. x Monster Kolor

    Let's face it, most art classes suck.  Painting pottery?  Lame.  Making friendship bracelets?  Who gives a crap.  Where are the art classes for righteous dudes, where you can learn things that are cool and you wouldn't be embarrassed to take the results home and show your mom?  Monster Kolor doesn't want you to to suffer through boring art classes any more and instead wants to teach you how to paint monsters.  They've teamed up with Max Toy Co. to offer a "Paint Your Own Tripus" class.  Finally, no more ceramic ash trays!

    The class will take place on June 22nd, but there are only 8 spots available, so you better get on it sucka.  For $99 you get your own Tripus and they supply the paint so you can make him look however you want.  Then you can put him in the window of your house to let the world know what a talented S.O.B. you are.  Reserve your spot by going to http://www.monsterkolor.com/.

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