Thursday, May 30, 2013

Terror Boys Ooze from Brandt Peters x Ferg

    This is the guy that will show up when you try and park your 1970's van at an abandoned camp ground to get fresh with your girlfriend.  I'm just trying to save lives here people, because no one ever learns anything from all of the horror movies out there.  At best anyone wearing a bag over their head might just have one of those weird tumors with a tooth growing out of it and a lack of health insurance to get it dealt with.  Add in the machete and sawed off shotgun, and you know they aren't from AAA looking to help you fix a flat tire.  

    It's not ever day that I'm really impressed by a toy, but this one has managed to leave me in awe.  I love everything about it, but especially his melty face and droopy eye.  It's grotesque while still retaining a sense of innocence about it, like you could almost feel sorry for the guy and the obvious problems he's had with women.  I mean, he is running out of space in his freezer for them, which is a huge problem because he can't just go to Sears and buy another one and I've never heard of a killer with good credit, so even ordering one from the internet is out of the question.  

    You can purchase on of these dudes that Brandt Peters and Ferg made this Monday, June 3rd, at noon Central time for $105 (and that includes shipping anywhere in the world).  Only 225 were made and you can get one at

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