Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BEVIL Aqua Edition and Sushi Kaiju Sakura Flavored from Paul Shih

    Vegetable are the devil's work.  Sure, they make up a huge portion of that huge pyramid, but you know who created that?  The government.  You know what else the government created?  Taxes and speeding tickets.  So naturally I distrust the pro-vegetable agenda.  And now that I've seen this broccoli with his fangs a horns, I know that I've been right all along.  

    Paul Shih is the creator of both BEVIL and Sushi Kaiju.  He obviously has a thing for anthropomorphizing the things he eats,which is cool.  Most of what I eat tends to come alive after I've made futile attempts to digest it and it then wages a holy war on my guts.  That's another story for another day, hopefully involving Oprah Winfrey and some inspirational music.  Then I cash in.  

    Both of these resin food dudes will be available this Friday (May 17th) at 1pm Pacific time from  They're limited to 10 pieces each.

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