Friday, May 17, 2013

Harley Quinn Bombshell Statue from DC Comics

    While my birthday isn't until December, I am not above accepting early gifts.  Of if you have any housework you need doing, I'd be happy to come and help supervise in exchange for this.  I'm very good at delegating, less so at actual cleaning.

    I am completely smitten with this pin-up inspired Harley Quinn statue from DC Collectibles.  This is by far my favorite incarnation of the Joker's psychotic companion and I might have to actually cave and buy this one (if the whole begging for gifts thing doesn't work out that is).  Would it be wrong to put a donation button up on my blog so you could sponsor me and my toy buying addiction:

For the price of a cup of coffee a day, you could help an obsessive collector realize his dream of owning every toy he could ever want.  For your donation you will receive a monthly newsletter and a picture of your sponsored collector, hugging his most prized possessions.  And unlike Sally Struthers and those other crooks who only actually give those kids 10% of your donation while spending the rest on buckets of chicken, you can sleep soundly knowing that every penny has gone into buying objects to make Chris happy.  

    I wonder if I can get Sarah Mclaclan to do a commercial for me and depress the crap out of you.

    While I'm working on my sad face and trying to find a filthy cage I can fit into, you can go and preorder this statue right now so it can be delivered to you when it releases in November.  I eagerly await your sponsorships. 

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