Friday, May 10, 2013

Custom YHWH Show at Toy Art Gallery

    I like Mark Ryden, I really do, but his YHWH toy doesn't do it for me.  It's a weird squiggly totem pole with eyes and bunny ears and I wouldn't know what to do with it if someone gave me one.  Actually, I would probably hit them with it.  So it is intriguing to me that someone would have gathered a bunch of them up, shipped them around the world, and let different artists rework the figure. The results of some of those endeavors have been making the rounds online and you can see them in person tomorrow night at Toy Art Gallery in Los Angeles.  It is probably one of the strangest objects anyone has ever used as the basis for a custom show, so the results should be nothing if not interesting.  

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  1. Saying i love and admire Ryden's work is an understatement. Though i too, was a bit bewildered when he chose his painting of YHWH to be brought to life in vinyl. So many other exciting options he has, but i digress. I am however, thrilled that someone came up with this idea to respark interest in this piece. Excited to see what Camille Rose Garcia and Naoto Hattori will do, as i am fans of both of their work. I see Mark has given free reign to his brother KRK to interpert the piece and very cool that Jessicka Addams will contribute! She is the former Jack Off Jill frontwoman whom Ryden has done album covers for both that venture and her newer band Scarling. Jessicka has had her own art shows and works in mixed media. I like her stuff~! Overall this idea has made me want to run and get my own YHWH. Something i most likely would not have done otherwise. Though, the box is AMAZING!