Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Custom Tuttz from Small Angry Monster x Argonaut Resins On Sale Tonight

    I like me some kitties.  I live with three real ones and have countless plastic ones.  If I lived in Game of Thrones my sigil would be a cat head with a viking helmet and crossed battle axes beneath it.  If you don't like cats you are probably in cahoots with Satan.  

    So of course I like these.  These Tuttz were made by Argonaut Resins and then fancied up by Small Angry Monster (aka Adam Pratt).  My absolute favorite is the one being built by the Egyptian workers. I got to see one similar to this one last year and it is even more impressive in person.  You could be the proud owner of these custom toys as they will be loaded into the Argonaut Resins webstore tonight at 10pm Eastern time.  

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