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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Kyoot Kickstarter from Lisa Rae Hansen x The Designer Toy Collective

    Here at The Toy Viking I'm all about making dreams come true.  I'm also all about the abolishment of portion control, professional wrestling, petting cats, going to the zoo, flea markets, Norwegian black metal, container gardening, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt seasons 1-3 (available now on Netflix), and toys.  The last one is really the only pertinent one in this instance, as I'm about to smack you with knowledge of Lisa Rae Hansen's Kickstarter project.  With the expertise of The Designer Toy Collective, Lisa is poised to make her first ever vinyl production toy.  But this won't happen unless you get involved.  If you want to see this little super hero dude fly onto toy shelves around the world then you've got to make it happen.  By visiting this link you not only have the ability to make this a reality, but you'll also come away with sweet rewards in the process.  There's everything from pins, to a Kickstarter exclusive colorway of the figure, to customs from your favorite artists.  Get on it!

Monday, May 2, 2016

More Metal Loving Star Wars Figure from Lisa Rae Hansen

    I bet right now you're at home being all bummed about the fact that you missed out on Lisa Rae Hansen's heavy metal Star Wars mashups.  You couldn't make it it ToyCon Uk and this has started your shame spiral.  You're too depressed to work, your stomach is in a constant state of flux, and the last time you bathed Donald Trump was just a butt clown on a dumb reality show and not a butt clown running for President.  Well it's time to clean the cobwebs out of your bath tub because things are looking up!  Seriously, get to scrubbing.

   To celebrate May the Fourth (be with you, get it?) Lisa is releasing the second half of her Erock and Wookie figures.  They'll be available on the aforementioned date at 6pm BST only from  And they come in packaging that you can open and reseal, which is something that has eluded the bigger toy companies for some reason.  Don't make me choose between mint on card or opening a figure to admire its craftsmanship.  That's just cruel.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lisa Rae Hansen/ I Break Toys Exclusives for ToyCon UK

    Chewbacca has finally realized that his epic shredding alone does not a band make.  You need someone to bring the thunder to your lightning, so he went out recruiting. He traveled far and wide, eventual;ly finding himself drawn to Endor by the sickest blast beats his ear drums ever bled for.  Little did he know that the Ewok's little arms and stubby legs are the perfect combination for hellish beats that keep the devil himself awake at night.

    I love Star Wars and I love metal, so the toy stylings of Lisa Rae Hansen have a special place in my black little heart.  But lest you think she's only interested in galaxies far far away, cause she's also invading the world of Nintendo with the debut of Super Metal Mario.  Everyone's favorite plumber's got a Lemmy-like makeover and looks ready to rock the Mushroom Kingdom.  Or whatever's left of it, cause dude is pretty destructive.  And he kills a lot of bad guys while trying to rescue his woman.  Murder and mayhem are pretty metal!

   All that you see here will be available at ToyCon UK Saturday, April 9th in London.  Go buy, say hello, and start building your dream band from the ground up that will hopefully be so amazing that they'll never have time to play another Red Hot Chili Peppers song on the radio ever again.   

Monday, February 8, 2016

Heavy Metal Wookie from Lisa Rae Hansen

    SPOILER ALERT:   Due to a terrible occurrence in the latest, Chewbacca was faced with a sudden influx of time on his furry hands.  He could have pressed them to his face as a receptacle for his tears, but instead he learned to form a power chord with them and formed the galaxy's most brutal metal band called Bantha Skull.  They'll melt your face off then punch you in your newly exposed skull, which is gonna hurt you way worse than them.  

    Lisa Rae Hanson is the lady behind this genius resin toy and she wants to send them all out on tour this Friday, February 12th, at noon GMT.  Only 5 of each color will be available and the only way place to get them will be at  At only $45 each they won't last long, so pray to Dio that you are lucky enough to snag one.  

Friday, April 11, 2014

Heavy Metal Wookie from I Break Toys/Lisa Rae Hansen at ToyCon UK

   When Wookies aren't ripping your arms off and beating you to death with them for defeating them at space chess, they like to form bands and tour around the galaxy.  And they only play metal that would melt the skin right off your face.  You won't necessarily find this bit of information in any of those Star Wars books, but I've never lied to you before.  Except that one time about that thing.  

   Lisa Rae Hansen/I Break Toys/international woman of amazing art toys fame, has outdone herself with these Heavy Metal Wookies.  Each color is limited to 10 pieces, with 5 of them being available at ToyCon UK tomorrow and the other 5 going online shortly after at  She'll have a bunch of other cool stuff at her booth if you're lucky enough to be going to the convention, so stop by, say hi, and buy lots of toys.  

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super Series Sunday from Tenacious Toys featuring MegaSeth

    This is the greatest resin toy of all time.  There, I said it, cause someone had to.  This makes me think of summers spent going to Ozzfest and seeing my favorite bands.  Then coming home dehydrated and with a wicked sunburn and wondering what the hell was wrong with me for thinking it was a good idea to go to a show with 30 different acts playing in 100 degree heat.  Then a year later I forget all about the suffering and go again only to repeat the cycle.  I'm pretty sure it was still worth it though.

    I haven't been to a giant spectacle of a show in forever but every time I see this toy I wanna go see Iron Maiden.  That's why this is the greatest resin toy ever, because it evokes so many memories for me of days gone by.  Lisa Rae Hansen captured my youth perfectly (without intending to) in this MegaSeth figure and now you can get one for yourself as part of Super Series Sunday from Tenacious Toys.   Only 8 pieces were created for this release and feature Tenacious owner Benny's pitbull Love Monster emblazoned on the tshirt.  Each one will be $60 and they each come with a mini print and a button.  They will be on sale tomorrow, February 2nd, at 6pm Eastern time only through

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Heavy Metal Wookie from I Break Toys

    Of course Chewbacca is a metal fan.  Do you think anything covered in that much hair is not listening to Iron Maiden?  Lisa Rae Hansen/I Break Toys has really outdone herself with this figure, and it's better than anything Star Wars has officially released in the last ten years.  She took an old school action figure and made it better, which is not something that's easy to do with such an iconic character.  If you want one for your collection (you do, I can see it in your eyes) then you better be quick when these go on sale tomorrow, December 12th, at 10pm GMT cause everybody's gonna want one.  And no, they most likely won't let you play with theirs.  

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Seen at NYCC 2013: Tenacious Toys

    One of my favorite places to stop and gawk at New York Comic Con is the Tenacious Toys booth.  Benny always manages to get the most diverse group of exclusives together and present up and coming artists in a way that makes them look like super stars.  I would dare say that he is the first guy to ever hold signing events with artists who were making toys in their basements and not just the guys who were designing for the huge companies.  Tenacious Toys is like a great indie rock label that has all the majors waiting in the shadows to see what he does next.  And judging by the response they were getting all weekend, he's definitely doing something right that they aren't.  

    Their booth was loaded to the brim with exclusives that spanned the worlds of resin, plush, and vinyl.   A lot of stuff sold out, but there will be some leftovers available this week.  Sign up for their newsletter by going to so you can get in on them.  Meanwhile, check out some more pictures.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

First Batch of NYCC Exclusives from Tenacious Toys

    The great blue takeover is happening at New York Comic Con this year courtesy of Tenacious Toys.  They have a giant collective booth with a ton of other folks that will form like some miniature city inside of the convention.  Word is they'll have their own post office, fire department, and grocery store, but I haven't been able to confirm this.  Seriously, it's gonna be huge.  These are some of the exclusives that Benny will have available just from his side of things.  Get ready to go into debt.

    MegaSeth is one of the best resin dudes I've ever seen and I'm glad I'll finally be able to see one in person.  This king of all that is metal from Lisa Rae Hansen is limited to only 5 pieces in this edition and each is hand made and only $60.  Me thinks I may need one.  

    Continuing with the blue theme are these Monster Embryos from Taylored Curiosities.  Pretty cute right?  I dunno how many were made or what they'll cost, but I'm betting they'll be cheaper than any cab ride in the city and a lot less dangerous.

    Is it a toy?  Is it art?  Will it unleash hellish beings who will wish to torture you if you try and open it?  Who cares (well the last part is kinda frightening to be honest) cause it looks cool.  Carson Catlin is a man with more patience than I've ever been able to muster.  You have to be zen-like to carve up toys the way he does with such precision.  Luckily these weren't all individually cut, or he may just have drive himself nuts.  Ten of these blue cubes will be available at $50 each.  

    Wait a second...this appears to be yellow.  How did this happen?  Just when you think you have a grasp on what's going on in the world they go and change things up on ya.  VISEone is the man behind this Zombie Goo figure and he will be at the convention to sign one of these 100 exclusives especially for you.  And they're only $40 each.

    Ok, all is now right with the world as we have returned to a more familiar shade of toy.   But talk about mixing it up.  We've seen resin, vinyl, and now plush!  Furry Feline Creatives made 10 of these hand made 15 inch plushies and they will be available for $40.  

    I'm sure there's gonna be more, but this is what I know about so far.  Go and say hi at booth #208.