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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

1/6th Scale Jon Snow Figure from Game of Thrones x threezero

    I can't believe that after eight seasons, Game of Thrones has come to an end.  I enjoyed this last season and contrary to popular internet opinion I though the finale was a fitting send off for the characters.  My wife asked me my opinion of it as soon as the show ended but I had a hard time formulating how I felt, but my only disappointment was in the fact that it was over.  I won't post spoilers here in case you haven't seen it, but know that what I'd really like to do is dissect the entire thing and show all the people that signed that redo petition what they missed out on by being butt hurt.

   There were lots of twists and turns this final season, maybe none more so than with Jon Snow.  His destiny didn't pan out quite the way we all expected, but the show literally killed of its most real world famous character in season one, so we shouldn't be that surprised that they were willing to take risks.  He's been dead, been a king, been exiled, and been chastised for not petting the goodest boy in the realm.  Dude has got to be stressed out, am I right?  This figure depicts Jon as he has appeared in the final season and comes with more detail than was packed into Sansa's dress she wore at the end (did you notice the embroidery on the inside of the sleeves? ).  He looks so life like that if you tell him he knows nothing he just might scowl at you.  He also comes with all the accessories one could possibly need for any situation that could arise in Westeros or beyond.

    You can preorder him now from threezero for $188 usd which includes shipping world wide.  He can be found at

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

New Game of Thrones Action Figures from McFarlane Toys

    The final season of Game of Thrones is here and the online world has certainly expressed their mixed feelings about it.  I don't envy the people behind the show, as every detail will be picked apart and scrutinized like a rotten corpse being eaten by opinionated vultures.  McFarlane Toys is now offering you the chance to reenact or completely reimagine this final season however you see fit with their new line of six inch action figures.  Each one is insanely detailed as you would expect from one of their creations and come packed with enough articulation that Jon Snow will have no excuse for not petting Ghost in the last episode (supposedly it was a CGI issue, as no one interacts directly with Ghost since he has grown so big).  Daenerys Targaryen, The Night King, and Arya Stark are also available now at Wal Mart, Target, Amazon, and specialty retailers for $19.95 each.

    Of course you can't have an accurate recreation of Westeros without a dragon and that's why there's this ultra huge Icy Viscerion.  He sports a 16.5 inch wing span, comes with removable fire breath and a base which captures him mid flight.  You can pick him up from Amazon, Target, and Best Buy for $25.99.  

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

1/6 Scale Daenerys Targaryen from threezero

    Daenerys Targaryen is the world's most famous single mother and she's got it pretty rough.  Not only does she have three unruly children who are just about the worst behaved heathens you've ever seen, but she's also trying to balance her lofty career aspirations.  She not all inspirational though, because she did lock two of her kids away when they weren't behaving, which surprisingly did not attract the attention of what passes for child protective services in Westeros.  Let he who thinks children don't deserve to be imprisoned when they're screaming in the grocery store cast the first stone.

    The detail on this figure, as expected from anything threezero produces, is beyond amazing and will probably give the rest of your toys some sort of complex about their appearance.  She is available for preorder right now at and you're gonna need to upgrade to the exclusive version so you get all three of her dragons and a nice little perch for them to chill on.  Make sure you divide their time on it equally, cause God forbid one gets to use it longer than the other two.



Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Hound from Game of Thrones in 1/6th Scale from threezero

    I am currently committing the cardinal sin of literature by reading the Game of Thrones series after having seen the show.  Say what you will, but there was no way I was gonna finish the book series before caving and watching the show.  Some internet meme would have slipped past my defenses and ruined a pivotal occurrence and I would have been pissed.  Thus far the two are matching up pretty well so I'm hopeful that trend will continue as I get further into the story.  Don't spoil it or I'll hit you.

   Threezero are continuing their ridiculously detailed Game of Thrones line with what has turned out to be a very complex character; The Hound.  Don't worry, I won't spoil it for the four of you that don't watch it, but dude isn't just a chargrilled face.  There are two different versions of this killer with the heart of imitation gold, as the one offered as an exclusive to threezero will come with his killer dog helmet.  It's only a couple of bucks more, so do the right thing and spring for it otherwise there will be regret, and regret is an emotion that will get you killed on the field of battle.  I take this very seriously.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Jaime Lannister from Game of Thrones in 1/6th Scale from threezero

     Jamie Lannister arguably has the rawest deal on Game of Thrones.  Think about it, dude is not only in love with his evil sister but is the father of her children, two of which are dead.  And he got his sword hand cut off, leaving him but a shadow of his former swashbuckling self.  At least everyone else on the show gets to die and, hopefully, move on to a more peaceful afterlife.  It really seems that's the best you can hope for if you're born in Westeros.  Or Arkansas.

    threezero continues their amazingly detailed line of 1/6th scale figures with the Kingslayer himself.  As you would expect he comes with a boat load of accessories that will make your other toys jealous that they have way less stuff to play with.  You can preorder this figure for $190 (which includes worldwide shipping) beginning Monday, November 23rd at 9am Hong Kong time.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Preorders Are Coming...for This Amazing Ned Stark Figure from threezero

    One day, if you had a lot of time on your hands and threezero keep making these mind blowing Game of Thrones figures, you could reenact the entire series using stop motion animation.  And I'm betting someone will do it, because if the internet has taught us anything, its that people have way too much time available to them.  Have you noticed that everyone always complains about how busy they are, yet they manage to upload every adorable things their cats do?  I think the internet utilizes witchcraft to insert extra time into your day as long as you are using that time to feed it.  Now if Neil DeGrasse Tyson could go ahead and prove that and give me all the credit for unlocking the secret, we could go about our lives with the understanding that we can all be immortal as long as we are commenting on Facebook posts or reTweeting statuses.  

    Back to business.  How awesome is this figure?  You know that when I make a post about threezero that it's going to involve the most detailed toy you've ever seen in your life.  I should get them to make a lifesize one of me that I could send to work in my place.  The lord of Winterfell stands over a foot tall and comes with a bunch of cool accessories (and his head still attached to his body) and will be available for preorder beginning September 22nd at 9am Hong Kong time.  He'll be $160, which includes shipping anywhere in the world, and will only be available from

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tyrion Lannister from threezero

    How good is Game of Thrones this season?  It's physically killing me that I can't just watch every episode back to back, because they have ended every one with some pretty sweet cliff hangers.  I watched the first three seasons on DVD in a matter of days and that really spoiled me, cause I could just look at my wife at the end of every episode and get the visual cue for the next one.  This time around I have to quickly change the channel so we don't miss the start of Mad Men, which is like a warm down exercise so we can sleep.  

    Anytime a show is successful there's going to be a ton of merchandise that you'll be able to buy, but no other figure will ever compare to the quality you'll get from threezero.  Sure, they won't be as cheap as something you'd find at Toys R Us, but once you get one in the mail you'll never regret your purchase.  These things feature real clothes, amazing sculpts, and even extra parts to change the look of the toy.  The first figure in their Game of Thrones line is Tyrion Lannister, who pretty much steals the show every time he's in it.  You'll be able to preorder the real savior of King's Landing starting May 26th at 9am Hong Kong time at  

Monday, April 7, 2014

Amazon Exclusive Game of Thrones Bundle Packs from Funko

    I would like to firmly smack the person that scheduled the season premier of Game of Thrones at the exact same time as Wrestlemania.  I hate having to make decisions like that about what I'm going to watch, and in the end Wrestlemania won out.  Because if I didn't watch wrasslin last night the internet would have spoiled it for me and I wouldn't be able to watch RAW tonight because that would have spoiled it for me.  I'm hoping that those of you who watched Game of Thrones will be kind and keep it to yourself until the rest of us catch up.  Please and thank you.  But holy crap if you watched WWE like I did you're probably half pissed/half excited this morning.  I'm not gonna ruin it for you in case you didn't see it, but it was pretty surprising.  

    To celebrate the return of Game of Thrones (which I missed) Funko has created these two bundle packs that are exclusive to  You get a t-shirt, a figure from the show, and a keychain of said figure.  The Daenerys Targaryen figure is brand spanking new and since we named one of our cats after her I'm gonna have to get one.  These will ship out at the end of May but are up for preorder now.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dragon Sword Fighter Force from Citizen Brick

    You know what's awesome about Citizen Brick?  They know what the people want.  Let's be realistic for a second, cause as much as we would all go absolutely ape over it, Lego is not gonna make these.  The show that these are based on is waaaaaaaay too out there with it's content for officially licensed sets to ever happen.  So Citizen Brick takes it upon themselves to ensure collectors can have what they want.  i think they're more like finely crafted little pieces of art myself, but I would probably still want to play with them.  There are 12 figures in total that you can either buy as 4 individual sets of 3, or you can get all 12 and a bonus 13th figure (seen below).  These are professionally made too, with big machines and whatnot, so the quality is as good if not better than the ones you buy at the store.  Get em right now at

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Toy Fair 2014: Dark Horse

    If you're a fan of Game of Thrones (which why wouldn't you be) then this year is gonna be an expensive one for you because their merchandise packed this year's Toy Fair.  Most of the stuff consisted of action figures, which of course I like, but it is nice to see some different stuff available too. Not everyone is as lucky as I am to have a spouse who is not only supportive of my addictions (all healthy mind you) but is an active participant.  Which is why it was refreshing to see what Dark Horse had on display, as it allows you to scratch that collecting itch without having to hide your toys in the basement.  

     They do have a line of figures out as well, but items such as this snow globe and the map with the markers of the different factions allow you to fill your house with your obsession without having to be lectured about acting like a kid.  Not that that's ever bothered me, but sometimes you do have to class the joint up a bit, and this is the perfect way to do it while still waiving your fan flag.  Look for these and more coming out in March.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Game of Thrones Legacy Collection Figures from Funko

    It's almost that time of year again.  The time where I call my cable provider, complain about their service, and get HBO for free just long enough to watch Game of Thrones.  Maybe it's not the most kosher tactic on my part, but we're in a recession and that show is addicting.  Plus, if HBO didn't charge so much for their dvds we wouldn't have this issue.  I'd wait patiently and be a proper consumer.  Do you see what you've made me HBO, you've made me a criminal!!!!!!!!!  Not that I feel too bad, as it's the most illegally downloaded show in history, which means many of you reading this also resort to nefarious means to get your fix.  

    Just make sure that when you visit your local Barnes and Noble to get these exclusive figures from Funko that you do actually pay for them, cause it would be real embarrassing for you to be arrested for stealing toys if you're over the age of five.  And they won't let you keep them to play with in jail, so you're bound to be pretty bored waiting for someone to bail you out.   

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Game of Thrones Mystery Minis from Funko

    I wish HBO would stop making other shows and just make Game of Thrones.  They could focus all their energy into one show and we could constantly have new episodes.  Something tells me this will never happen, but that's because the decision makers are obviously dumb.  So while we wait for them to be enlightened we will have to create our own new episodes with these little dudes from Funko.  You've got a decent amount of characters here, so making a stop motion version of the show is almost possible.  Just substitute some of your other toys for anyone thats missing and cut out some of the scenes that maybe are a bit sketchy anyway, and voila, you have an internet masterpiece.  Maybe Ellen will even play it on her show and give you some money.  

Monday, December 2, 2013

Game of Thrones Series 3 Pop! Vinyls from Funko

    On this day known as Cyber Monday let us think back to a simpler time, before the internet, or people being punched in the face over cheap dish towels.  Let us think back to the time so accurately portrayed in Game of Thrones, where an argument was decided by a sword and having children with your sister was no big deal.  Hold on a sec.  I'm being told that Game of Thrones is not actually a dramatic recreation of American history.  You're kidding right?  I know they didn't get to the whole George Washington part yet, but it I was sure it was coming.  I just assumed it was all real, what with the History Channel not actually airing anything of historical value anymore I thought HBO had picked up the slack and was gonna teach me something.  Obviously the place beyond the wall is Canada; we can all agree on that right?  

    Ok, I didn't really believe Game of Thrones was real, but I kind of wish it was.  Except for that whole 8 year winter thing, which seems kind of crappy.  Could you imagine if we really had to be completely bundled up for that long?  We would all look like those cave creatures who have that see-through skin.  You'd make a mint if you owned a tanning salon.  

    I'm finding it hard to stay on track today, so much so that I just wrote about how hard I'm finding it to stay on track.  Sure I could have deleted that part, but this way it's a more authentic experience for you, the reader.  We're on this magical journey together my friends, and there are gonna be some bumps in the road.

    So Funko has some pretty sweet new Game of Thrones Pop! Vinyl figures coming out in January.  Except for the Daenerys Targaryen, who will be released in February.  Why?  I dunno, just cause that's what they felt like doing.  I ain't mad about it.  

Friday, August 16, 2013

Game of Thrones Figures from Dark Horse

    In a perfect world, new episodes of Game of Thrones would air every night for the rest of my life.  We could cancel all of those fake "reality" shows and pool the resources to ensure that this show continues forever and at the aforementioned frequency.  I seriously am that into it that I can't imagine ever not wanting to watch it.  Ok, so it doesn't have to air every night, because I still need to watch Downton Abbey and Sons of Anarchy, but almost every night would work for me.  

    Dark Horse is going to start producing figures based on the show.   They're starting the collection out with Daenerys "I'm Usually Not Wearing This Many Clothes" Targaryen and Jon "I Know Nothing" Snow.  They don't come out until January, but you can click on the link to the right and preorder them now from Entertainment Earth to ensure you get them.  

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Game of Thrones Blu Ray Set with 3 Exclusive Pop! Vinyls from Funko

    I just bought the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Ned Stark with removable head, and now Amazon is gonna tease me with this!  Come on guys, you're killing me here.  This November, Game of Thrones will be offered as a special Blu Ray box set featuring all 3 seasons and 3 exclusive Pop! Vinyl figures from Funko. And while these are only the mock-ups of what the final toys will look like, I'm gonna need them all.  But my problem is I already have season 1 and 2 on Blu Ray, so I'm gonna have to take drastic measures and beg someone to get me this for Christmas.  It's the only way I can justify it.  Which also means I should probably make up Christmas cards to send out featuring this on the cover and the fact that I need someone to buy it for me.  Wouldn't it make more sense for personalized holiday cards to be advertisements of what you want rather than pictures of you wearing awkward sweaters?  I think I just invented the greatest business ever.