Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dragon Sword Fighter Force from Citizen Brick

    You know what's awesome about Citizen Brick?  They know what the people want.  Let's be realistic for a second, cause as much as we would all go absolutely ape over it, Lego is not gonna make these.  The show that these are based on is waaaaaaaay too out there with it's content for officially licensed sets to ever happen.  So Citizen Brick takes it upon themselves to ensure collectors can have what they want.  i think they're more like finely crafted little pieces of art myself, but I would probably still want to play with them.  There are 12 figures in total that you can either buy as 4 individual sets of 3, or you can get all 12 and a bonus 13th figure (seen below).  These are professionally made too, with big machines and whatnot, so the quality is as good if not better than the ones you buy at the store.  Get em right now at

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