Friday, April 4, 2014

Midnight Hunter Berserker from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

    They should make you take a test to ensure you're man enough to own a toy like this.  May I suggest some questions in case that were to happen:

1.) What is your favorite Justin Bieber song?  
2.) Where would you rather go on vacation:  Mordor or the Bahamas?
3.)  When you blow by a cop on the side of the road is your first thought to outrun him, or to start    crying now so you get out of a ticket?

    I won't tell you the correct answers, because if you don't know them you should be reading another website.  Mutant Vinyl Hardcore doesn't require a test to own this Midnight Hunter Berserker, just  lottery with all your pertinent information.  If you're lucky and you get picked, then you'll be able to buy this behemoth of a toy that will probably force your kids into years of therapy.  The aforementioned lottery is happening right now and will last until 11:59pm Eastern time tonight.  Head over to, enter your info, then go on a crime spree to scratch up the $185 so you can buy this sucker if you win.  

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