Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Orange Bugbites and More from Chris Ryniak on Sale Today!!!!

    The first thing I do when I check into a hotel room is lift the mattress and look for evidence of bed bugs.  Usually after I am satisfied that I will not be transporting an infestation in my suitcase, I then move on to determining whether or not the blanket stains are fresh, where the standing water smell is coming from, and if the peeling wall paper is concealing anything sinister/valuable.  I really should step up my hotel game, but I can't see paying a ton of money just for somewhere to sleep for a little bit.  The three days of itching afterwards are totally worth the savings!

    I have yet to find any bed bugs in my hotel rooms, but I wouldn't mind finding one of these in the nightstand.  If all critters were this adorable exterminators would all be out of business, cause no matter how harmful they were you couldn't bring yourself to poison them.  These little resin dudes are called Bugbites and you can start your own plague of Biblical proportions when they go on sale today at 2pm Eastern time through Chris Ryniak's new webstore.  He'll also have some drawings available so you can freshen up your home decor game.  

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