Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Glow In The Dark Heathrow from Frank Kozik on Sale Today!!!!!

    It's been an interesting week with the critters in my house.  Our two kittens got spayed and neutered and while the boy did fantastic, the girl has been a pickle.  Her incision was glued and she was wearing that cone of shame to prevent her from licking it, but somehow she got a hold of a Diamond Dallas Page Yogo tape and learned to bend in such a way that she ATE ALL THE GLUE!  So she had to make a return visit to the vet last night to get staples and a new behemoth cone that is the size of a wok.  She weighs all of 4 pounds and it's heartbreaking/kinda funny to watch her maneuver with this green plastic monstrosity around her neck.  And then she looks at you, with her big eyes like pools of sadness, and all I can think of is that damn ASPCA commercial with Sarah Mclachlan and I swear I can hear the song in my head and I race to turn the channel before it completely ruins my day but it's not on tv it's in my walk-in closet where she has to be confined for the next few days to keep the other cats from conspiring with her to pull the staples out an I feel like I'm going to have a psychotic break if I keep looking into those sad eyes and the little tears that have pooled at their bottoms.  

    So how's everything with you guys?  Good, good.  Heathrow from Frank Kozik is ready to omit a soft glow to keep you calm at night when Canadian songstresses have burrowed into your ears with tales of animal sadness.  You can buy one of these big dudes when they go on sale today at noon Pacific time from http://www.frankkozik.net/.  Only 30 exist and 1 in 6 customers will win a unique little Heathrow that I believe is a test pull.  Check em out.

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