Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ultrus Aqua Bog from Frank Kozik Releases Today

    Aqua Man is lame.  What the hell kinda super power is being able to talk to fish?  I don't want to talk to most people, so I don't know what a fish could say that would be that interesting.  I guess it would be mildly convenient if you could talk a shark out of eating you, but being that I don't ever go in the ocean that would be a waste.  Maybe you'd be mildly entertaining at parties if their happens to be an aquarium around and the fish tells you about all the weird stuff your friend does when he thinks no one is looking.  Now I'm starting to sell myself on this fish talking thing.  
   If Aqua Man looked like this more people would take him seriously.  In fact, if you wear pants made out of human skulls, its pretty much guaranteed that you're the baddest dude around.  Frank Kozik painted up 13 of these figures from Skinner and will be releasing them today (Thursday, April 10th) at noon Pacific time.  $200 will get you one of these hand painted critters that you can form your own Justice League around.  

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