Thursday, April 10, 2014

Crypt Creepers from We Become Monsters Are Available Now!

    According to We Become Monsters, this here Crypt Creeper is meant to keep your crypt clean.  See, this is why science infuriates me.  Instead of bioengineering something like this for use in our houses, they're to busy making fat burning pills and putting lipstick on monkeys.  Do you know how much money you could make if you could create something like this that just roamed around all day eating dust and pooping it out in a trash can?  I would buy 100 right now, cause I suck at cleaning.  I could put a few in the cat's bathroom to eat their stray bits of litter.  Maybe stick a few in the tub drain so it never gets clogged.  Forget cloning sheep, this is where a good mad scientist could really make his mark.  

    While your house will still be dirty no matter how many of these you buy, they're still fun/kinda creepy to look at.  And if you use the power of your imagination you can pretend that they're eating whatever that weird sludge is in your kitchen sink.  This is a limited edition of 25 in a random assortment of colors and they're available right now from  

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