Thursday, April 3, 2014

ToyCon UK Exclusives from Mintyfresh

    ToyCon Uk is a little over a week away and the exclusives are finally starting to pop up online.  The event is sold out already, so now would be the time to contact your English friends and beg them to buy you all the stuff you want.  That is unless they don't have tickets either, then you'd just be wasting time you could be using to make new friends that would better be able to help you.  Friends with benefits doesn't always have to denote something scandalous ya know.

    Mintyfresh has three exclusives that will make you spend all of your money the moment you walk through the door.  That bear from Instinctoy looks like he's been wandering through a toxic wasteland, or as we would call it in New Jersey: Trenton.  There are two versions of this radioactive looking dude:  a flocked one that is limited to 50 pieces and available at the con, and a glow in the dark version that is also limited to 50 and available online for those of us not able to go or that live half way around the world.  

    And they'll have two mean looking Debris figures from Restore that just want to come home with you and cuddle on the couch.  There's the Glaciation edition that looks like hypothermia has set in, and the SFB Blue edition that stands tall in his unpainted glory.  

    They will be holding a lottery (which you can enter right now) for any leftovers they may have from the event.  Sign up at


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