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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

"Famous Last Words" Group Show at Toy Art Gallery

    In what is a sad yet growing trend, Toy Art Gallery is closing up their physical location.  I don't know anything beyond the fact that they will continue to operate their store online and continue to manufacture toys.  They want to close their location with a bang, and thus you have the aptly titled "Famous Last Words" group show.  It's happening this Saturday, September 5th, and features all of the artists you see listed above.  You should go, and pour some of your 40 out on the sidewalk for your fallen homies.  

Thursday, October 9, 2014

More NYCC Exclusives from Clutter Magazine

    New York Comic Con just opened it's doors, and while I won't be there until tomorrow, there is plenty to see and do right this instant.  Clutter Magazine sent me an email filled with all kinds of nutty stuff you're gonna want so let's get to it shall we.

   Fact:  Bears have skulls the same shape as human beings do.  It's on the internet, so it must be true.  Luke Chueh only made 15 of these Dissected Bear Heads in Kenner prototype blue, with 5 being released each day via an 11am lottery system.  The lottery last 15 minutes, after which time the winners will be announced and then they get to buy this dude.  No lottery today, only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so you have time to plan accordingly.  

    Tim Clarke is a legend.  The day he followed me on Instagram I almost pooped my britches.  This dude not only created Boglins and Sectaurs, but he worked on The Dark Crystal with Jim Henson.  We're talking about things that defined people's childhoods.  He's got a new toy series out called Totims and he will have a bunch of those and those prints you see above.  He'll be hanging around Saturday starting at noon and if you're gonna shake anyone's hand during the show, his would be a good one.  Maybe some of the magic will rub off.  

    Ron English is obviously not as big a fan of breakfast cereal as I am.  And I love Cap'n Crunch, even though it shreds the rook of your mouth like you were chewing razor blades.  This is the latest edition of his obese faux pirate, and it will be released Saturday at 1pm and Ron will be there to sign em and tell you the dangers of high fructose corn syrup.  

    I've been in a few fights in my day.  Most of those involved dust ups in my high school cafeteria and certainly never with anyone that looked like this.  Who would fight this guy?  I don't care how bad you think you are, when you see a guy dressed like this and with such an unpleasant look on his face, you need to move along.  Restore made this glow in the dark Neo Japan in such uber limited quantities (10) that he will be sold through a lottery system on Saturday at 2pm with the drawing taking place 15 minutes later.  

    Saturday is gonna be busy for whoever is manning booth # 504, cause at 3pm Jon-Paul Kaiser and UME Toys will be present to release their Buford Mandrake figure.  He comes with two masks, though which one is more disturbing is open to debate.  Meet those fine English gents and pick up this collaboration piece that is sure to be a hit, cause I said so.

    Ok, this is pretty killer.  We've never seen Jeff Lamm's Greasebat figure  Lana Crooks hand made five of these stunning plush toys and I hope there is one left just so I can see it in person.  

    The Flyers lost last night and I'm kinda bummed about that, but they did play pretty well.  And I love the orange and black no matter what and this lizard bro makes me thankful that there's another game tonight with which they can redeem themselves.  Chris Ryniak's Snybora has long been a favorite of mine and this paint job from Squibbles Ink and Kirby Kerr makes it even closer to my heart.  Only 25 folks can own one though, so you better be quick if you wanna play with him on the ride home.  

    Visit the Clutter folks at booth #504 for all that you see and more.  That kinda sounded like something a game show announcer would say.  I need some sleep.  

Friday, April 25, 2014

Eternal Cloud Red Dragon Edition from Restore

    I can't even make jokes when talking about something this amazing.  Restore is known for making some mind blowing toys, but this one is by far their best creation to date.  The Eternal Cloud figure is made up of Japanese soft vinyl and resin and is created out of about 15 different pieces.  This thing is like an amazing tattoo come to life.  Seen here is the Red Dragon version of this figure, which is available for preorder right now for $125 from the fine folks at Lulubell Toy Bodega.  The preorder window is open until the 29th of May at noon Pacific time and the figures are expected to ship in August.  

Thursday, April 3, 2014

ToyCon UK Exclusives from Mintyfresh

    ToyCon Uk is a little over a week away and the exclusives are finally starting to pop up online.  The event is sold out already, so now would be the time to contact your English friends and beg them to buy you all the stuff you want.  That is unless they don't have tickets either, then you'd just be wasting time you could be using to make new friends that would better be able to help you.  Friends with benefits doesn't always have to denote something scandalous ya know.

    Mintyfresh has three exclusives that will make you spend all of your money the moment you walk through the door.  That bear from Instinctoy looks like he's been wandering through a toxic wasteland, or as we would call it in New Jersey: Trenton.  There are two versions of this radioactive looking dude:  a flocked one that is limited to 50 pieces and available at the con, and a glow in the dark version that is also limited to 50 and available online for those of us not able to go or that live half way around the world.  

    And they'll have two mean looking Debris figures from Restore that just want to come home with you and cuddle on the couch.  There's the Glaciation edition that looks like hypothermia has set in, and the SFB Blue edition that stands tall in his unpainted glory.  

    They will be holding a lottery (which you can enter right now) for any leftovers they may have from the event.  Sign up at


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Eternal Cloud from Restore Now Available to Preorder from Lulubell Toy Bodega

    This might be one of the most impressive figures I've ever laid eyes on in person.  I saw the unpainted prototype at New York Comic Con last year and this thing is AMAZING.  Restore makes some of the best toys you'll ever see and they really upped their game on this one.  This sucker contains 15 different parts made of both Japanese sofubi and resin to create the new centerpiece of your collection.  Lulubell Toy Bodega is offering preorders of this from now until January 30th.  It's retailing for $120, which is not much at all when you compare it to toys half its size and half as detailed that cost just as much.  Plus, you're getting your tax money back soon, so splurge a bit.  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Seen at NYCC: Lulubell Toy Bodega

    One of the good things about New York Comic Con is that I get to meet people that I normally only get to correspond with on the internet.  Granted, I am much less socially awkward online so I probably seem like less of a weirdo that I do in person, but I try.  It was good to finally meet Amy from Lulubell Toy Bodega, who are by far one of my favorite toy stores/manufacturers.  They come out with some of the most mind blowing stuff you'll ever see and they are great at keeping it affordable.  

    While that dragon figure you see from Restore was not for sale, it was pretty impressive.  The detail on it was some of the best I've ever seen and will surely be popular when it goes into production.  

    I managed to snag my first ever Ultrus Bog.  Skinner created this dude and I've wanted one forever, but the timing has always been off for me to actually get one.  Now he is resting securely in my display case and freaking out the cats, who I'm pretty sure think he is some sort of mutated insect coming to take revenge for the amount of bugs they have consumed in their lives.  Or they just can't believe that this is how we are spending their inheritance.  

    I was sooooooo tempted to get one of these Shub Zeroths from Metacrypt.  It really is the only thing I regret not picking up while I was there, but I was trying to behave myself as far as my spending went and unfortunately he didn't make the budget.  But this figure is gorgeous in person, especially with this paint job.  

    Rotten Rexx was a literal big hit.  This is one gigantic chunk of mean looking plastic.  They had these crazy marble-swirled versions but they sold out before I got there.  This unpainted guy though was pretty sick and at only $125 you won't find a bigger figure for that low of a price.  You can preorder one now directly from Lulubell.  

    And I bought my first ever piece from Velocitron!!!  This pocket idol was only $3 and was my favorite unplanned purchase by far.  I just fell in love with this little dude, and he was a great lunch companion.  

    We took a lot more pictures and posted them up on our Facebook page at so you should look at them and stuff.  

Thursday, July 11, 2013

SDCC Exclusives from Restore x Lulubell Toy Bodega

    I would not wrestle with this dude.  He would most likely cheat by bitting your nose off.  He looks like a guy that drinks too much and wants to wrestle everyone at the bar in some odd display of his manliness.  We all know that guy.  

    Restore will be dropping three new Debris Japan figures at Lulubell Toy Bodega's booth #5045 next week during San Diego Comic Con and online via Pop Soda.  The glow in the dark with black "clothes" and the green with red ones will be $60, while the one you see at the bottom that is fully painted will be $100.  Here's their release days and times:

Green with red: $60 usd - preview night release
GID Glow with Black: $60 usd - Friday, 5pm
Full painted "Profuse" Versions: $100usd - Sunday, 5pm