Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Freaky Fritz Hateball Sets from Frank Kozik

    Yesterday I had jury duty.  I've never had jury duty before so I really didn't know what to expect.  They never have episodes of Law & Order where they focus only on the jury selection process, but it turned out to be kind of interesting.  At first we just sat in a room for three hours and I listened to everyone gripe about how they didn't want to be there, but when we got to the actual courtroom things got real interesting real quick.  The dude was on trial for murder and I desperately wanted to be on this jury.  Things were going swimmingly until the defense decided they would exercise their right to toss me out. When I was in college I had completed an internship with a local police department's forensic unit and I think that's what made him think twice.  Now I have to go to my regular job and listen to people gripe about why they don't want to be there.  

    That story is decidedly unrelated to these toys.  I just wanted to share with you how I spent my Monday.  I'm really excited to finally see these Freaky Fritz figures from Frank Kozik become available.  The great thing about the internet is it's allowed me to follow the process of their creation along, from his original drawings, to the digital sculpture by Bigshot Toyworks, to their eventual 3D forms in Japanese vinyl.  These sets come with two different size heads and two lucky customers will win one of the full figures as seen in the third picture.  They're limited to 30 sets and go on sale tomorrow, April 16th, at noon Pacific time for $65 with signed and numbered header cards.  

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