Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jade Green King Jinx from Paul Kaiju

    You can't tell me stuff like this isn't going to creep out of the ocean one day and enslave us all.  It's gonna happen, and they're gonna be extra pissed cause of you throwing your Miller Lite cans in the water while you're out fishing with your buddies.  You've doomed us all to a life as crab slaves.  

    Everybody wants a King Jinx toy from Paul Kaiju.  Maybe it's so we can decode their weak points and have a defense when their relatives come attacking.  Or maybe it's just cause of how cool they look.  If you want to get this Jade Green version you've gotta enter a special lottery for the chance to purchase one.  This Sunday, April 27th, at noon Pacific time you can go to and put down all your pertinent information for a chance to win.  The lottery is only open for 24 hours, so take your useless stuff to the pawn shop and scratch up some funds.  

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