Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Our Father" Darth Vader Resin Sculpture from Sket One

    Guess what?  I just spent your tax return for you.  I apologize in advance to all the people you swore you'd pay back when you got your "taxes did", but this is more important.  This massive Darth Vader resin is the work of Sket-One, who has just upped the game when it comes to religious-inspired art.  And he wasn't shy about it either, cause this sucker stands a little over two feet tall and weighs 10 pounds.  This may be the greatest thing you will ever own that can double as an anti-burglary weapon.  Now, before you lose your mind past the point of no return, this Lord of the Sith ain't cheap.  For this massive piece it will set you back $999.  Also keep in mind that Sket estimates that this will cost about $200 just to ship but he will make accommodations for you to pick it up in person if you wanna go to California.  It could be like an awesome pilgrimage!  Only 25 of these behemoths were produced and will go on sale this Friday, April 18th.  For those of us that already blew our tax returns on wrestling tickets and trips to the vet, he will also be offering prints and prayer candles (oh, I'm gonna need one of those my friends) through  I better see some serious shrines created by anyone that buys this.  You might wanna go ahead and empty a room of your house just so you can do it justice.  

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