Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rotofugi Exclusive Jyujin from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and GEEK!

    Is this what everyone is always looking for on those monster hunting shows?  I hate those programs, because they never find squat.  Actually, I hate any program that goes hunting for the supernatural or mythological creatures because there is no payoff.  Let me dramatically recreate for you every episode of every one of those tv shows that have ever existed:

****Bunch of idiots with expensive equipment walking around in places that will require a tetanus afterwards.  Picture it in your mind's eye.****

Idiot one:  (stops suddenly and puts out his arms to signal everyone to stop as well)  "Shhh Shhh.  Did you hear that?"

Idiot two:  (looks spooked and turns up his super sonic listening device then holds his headphones tight to his ear)

Idiot one:  "Let's check our traps."

****The gaggle of morons walks slowly so they don't scare the majestic creature/raccoon away.***

Idiot one:  "I knew that sounded like a bigfoot.  Look at the trap.  He took a big bite out of that fruitcake we left here and must have run away when he heard us coming.  This is the real deal fellas"

    Multiply that by 13 and you have an entire season of stupidity.  

    When one of those dudes brings back something that looks like this Jyujin from GEEK!, then I'll be impressed.  This big hunk o plastic was expertly painted by Rich from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and is an exclusive to Rotofugi.  You want to add this mythical beast to your collection?  Well, you've got till tomorrow (Friday, April 18th) at noon Central time to enter the lottery for your chance to get one.  If you win you then gotta pay $165.  If you lose, well, you lose.  Enter it now by going to

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