Monday, April 21, 2014

Street Spirit Artist Series from Suburban Vinyl featuring The Sucklord

    These guys would be kinda scary is they weren't bright pink.  You can't take anything in pink seriously.  Like, if a dude came up to rob you and he was wearing a pink track suit you would probably just laugh and then beat him up and take his wallet.  Pink has the ability to drain the threatening aspect out of any situation.  

    But pink is the signature color of The Sucklord and he has used it liberally in customizing these Street Spirit figures from Nemo.  And he even covered the bottoms of them with the goings on in Asia as found in a Chinese newspaper.  What do they say?  I dunno, I studied useless things in school.  

   Sucklord only made 6 of these for Suburban Vinyl in what will be an ongoing series of these figures featuring different artists.  Spruce up your living space by getting one from

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