Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Shub Zeroth Permafrost Edition from Metacrypt x DSKI ONE

    It is not the claws, or the teeth that man should fear, of those beasts that have gone unseen by anyone living today.  It is not their rise from oceanic depths, flooding our cities in their massive wakes.  No, man's fears shall be realized just in the fact that such beasts exists.  Beasts beyond anything the human mind can fathom.  And when you stare up at the monstrosity before you, this knowledge will render all of your notions of the world into useless mush.  Behold Shub Zeroth, destroyer of world's, reckoner of mankind, lover of shrimp cocktail.  Seriously, you would poop if you saw this in real life.  And so many people would die just from trying to record him on their cell phones so they could put it on Youtube later.  Oh, the horror of trying to gain more followers!

    DSKI ONE has brought this behemoth from Metacrypt to life with a rather awesome paint job and you can welcome it into your home this Thursday, May 1st at 11am Pacific time.  Very few of these are in existence and will be sold exclusively through  

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