Friday, April 11, 2014

More Goodness from alto for ToyCon UK

    I did terrible in geometry class the first time I took it in high school.  By then I had already discovered that grunge music was my calling and I was gonna be the next Nirvana.  What the hell did I need to know about acute angles and such when I was gonna be on tour playing songs that teenagers would listen to just to piss off their parents?  So I failed.  I failed hard.  Not only at geometry, but my music career never got off the ground, pretty much because I have crippling anxiety that prevents me from stepping foot on a stage, let alone playing guitar or singing in front of someone.  But I still think about it sometimes, that I'm not too too old to write some angsty anthems.  However I never think about geometry, or the fact that it took me two times to pass it.  

    alto was much better at the weird math than I was, because he makes his living making cool geometrical objects.  I love the Wired editions of his Evil Origami and Skelevex toys.  Stripping these down to a complex frame work makes them interesting to look at in completely different ways.   You can buy these right now from his Shapeways store by going to  


    They will also be at ToyCon UK tomorrow for those of you in attendance.  He will also be involved in's Power 5 series, in which 5 different artists created 5 resin pieces in 5 different colors.  This little one inch tall guy is his offering to the series:

    And be the first to see in person his collaboration with RunDMB entitled "Project X".  This thing is massive and crazy looking and I'm sure you'll be able to learn much more about how to buy one very soon.

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