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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Skull Gold B from Noon x K Olin Tribu

   I just got back from getting a filling at the dentist and I'm not even upset about it.  That's because my dentist has this head scanner that takes a 3D image of your skull.  I was beyond excited to see what my brain case looked like but no one offered to show me.  We're getting down to the end of things and I bring up the fact that I really really want to see my skull before I leave.  The hygentist's eyes lit up and told me that no one has ever asked to see it before.  I found that hard to believe but wasn't about to argue.  She pulls it up on the computer and there, in as much detail as if you had peeled my face off and taken a look inside, are all the nooks and crannies of my head.  I really want to find a way to have it 3D printed, so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.  I think it would make a great candy dish.

   You can't go wrong with having a few skulls laying around the house, especially when they won't implicate you in any criminal proceedings.  Now make that sucka porcelain with a distressed gold finish and you've got yourself a work of art ready for MTV's Cribs.  Noon and K. Olin Tribu have released a number of skulls in the past but this one is by far my favorite.  I love that "freshly discovered" look of items that were long buried and are just seeing the light of day for the first time in many years.

     If you're as in love with this as I am you better get moving because only 50 of them exist in the entire world.  You can secure one now by visiting

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Purple Butterfly Porcelain Skull from NooN x K. Olin Tribu

    Skulls.  I love em, you love em.  They protect our brains from traumatic injury (most of the time), they give your head a shape much more pleasing than just the blob of skin and muscle it would be without it, and they are the perfect decoration for your palace once you have conquered your enemies (or your front porch to scare away would be sales people).  But what if you want to have, say, a dinner party at your house and your run of the mill skull collection just doesn't fit with the elevated theme of the evening?  Your prayers have been answered, because now you can put away all of those objects the police would like to question you about and display something far more artistic.

    NooN and K. Olin Tribu have just released the latest in their line of porcelain skulls with this one featuring purple butterfly embellishments.  Limited to only 50 pieces and housed in a wooden crate,  these are available to order right now from  

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Porcelain Skull "TJ" from NooN x K. Olin Tribu

    Wouldn't it be fun if all of our skulls had secret artwork on them depending on our personalities?  Then when we die they could all be placed in a great big museum for other people to come and look at and wonder what mysterious images their own skulls might contain.  And right here you have witnessed my greatest curse.  It's that I'm so great at coming up with ideas that cannot be replicated and sold for millions of dollars.  Just yesterday I created an idea for real life montages, just like the ones in the movies, that would help you get all of your work done in a fraction of the time it actually takes.  Got a big project coming up?  Let me sell you this montage and finish it in no time!  Wanna train for a heavy weight fight but have little to no experience?  Don't be silly, in the course of one of my montages you'll not only learn all the skills you need, but be the best at them!  I was ready to take this idea to Shark Tank and make Mark Cuban give me all his money, but alas, my product is but a figment of an over active imagination.  Why can't I invent something tangible that can be factory made and sold on early morning infomercials?  

    If you long for a finely decorated skull like I do, how about one of these beauties from K. Olin Tribu and NooN.  Made with the finest porcelain, each one is hand decorated with vintage motifs (my high school art teacher is so proud of me right now).  Only 50 were made and are available right now at

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cashmere Blue Porcelain Skull from NooN x K. Olin Tribu

    I don't know if they still make these or not, but remember those popsicles that told half of a joke on the handle and you didn't get the punch line that was hiding underneath until you finished eating it?  I wish that's how our skulls worked.  That after you were dead it would reveal some amazing design on your cranium.  It would certainly make the medical examiner's job more fun:

    "Upon exposing the skull, the deceased had a picture of the Tasmanian Devil holding a Confederate flag with the words Git Er Done written below it."

    I have simple dreams that will never come true, cause you can't get a Kickstarter going to make that happen.  What you can do is pick up one of these porcelain skulls from NooN x K. Olin Tribu.  It's much less messy than going out and harvesting your own skulls, plus the result is much nicer looking.  This Cashmere Blue edition goes up for preorder today at 6pm French time, which equals to 2pm in New York and 9am in Los Angeles.  They are limited to only 50 pieces and can be found at  

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Skull Butterfly by NooN x K. Olin Tribu

    You know what I never get tired of?  Skulls.  I could fill my house with skulls and be a happy camper.  Real skulls, plastic skulls, art skulls, your skull.  I want all the skulls!  So I am always excited to see what K. Olin Tribu is gonna do next with NooN's porcelain skull.  Well, now I know, cause this time they have adorned his brain case with butterflies.  This thing is beyond cool and I want one pretty badly.  They're limited to 50 pieces and available right now at

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Polka Dot Porcelain Skull from NooN x K. Olin Tribu

    I've been reading that book The Devil in the White City about the murderer H.H. Holmes and the Chicago World's Fair.  Pretty fascinating stuff, but one of the more interesting things I learned about was this organization called The Whitechapel Club.  Named after the area in London where Jack the Ripper committed his crimes, this was a group of reporters who gathered to talk about the grisly crimes of the day.  Their meeting place was filled with crime scene items given to them by the local police and real human skulls taken from the bodies of unclaimed asylum patients.  I think that if they had a member with a knack for design this could have been the direction their decor would have taken.

    NooN and K. Olin Tribu have released this newest edition in their line of craniums, only this time they adorned it with polka dots.  Be one of the lucky people to own this by going to

Friday, June 21, 2013

Spray Paint Porcelain by NooN x K. Olin Tribu

    I tried to spray paint something once.  Well, I guess it was more an attempt at graffiti than anything.  We had gone to Richmond earlier in the day and I had seen the way people wrote their names on the buildings in these crazy styles, so I asked about it and learned that they used spray cans to do it.  Well, we had spray paint in the garage and big pieces of plywood that no one ever used, so I figured I'd make some art.  Like most of my artistic endeavors, I quickly found out it was harder than it looks.  At the conclusion of my experiment I just ended up with a completely red piece of wood, because everything I tried to write looked more like a yard sale sign than a work of street art.  

    Maybe I just needed a fancier spray can like this porcelain one from NooN x K. Olin Tribu.  Only 50 were made and they were all hand decorated.  You can preorder one now by going to