Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sideshow Collectibles x DC Comics 6th Scale Figures

    I normally wouldn't write about something in which I can't give you a release date, because it drives me insane to not include all of the pertinent details.  But I can't control what a company wants us to know, I can only present what they will allow me.  Which, in this case, are these 5 pictures of Sideshow Collectibles upcoming 6th scale DC Comics figures.  So what do we know about them?  Well, they're all wearing actual sewn clothing.  That's kinda nifty.  And we know that the pose they put Catwoman in makes her look like she has the mother of all child bearing hips and a T-Rex arm.   Not a good look.  Other than that they're really detailed and will most likely be priced like a months rent on a one bedroom apartment in the midwest.  Now is the time to return that Snuggie you got for Christmas.  

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