Tuesday, July 10, 2012

San Diego Comic Con Exclusives from Kotobukiya

    Kotobukiya make some of the most amazing "toys" I've ever seen. It doesn't hurt either that many of the items they make are attractive women, but I digress. Check out some of these variants they will have available for San Diego Comic Con:

    That cutie pictured above would love nothing more than to kick your skull in. It's Alisa Bosconovich from Tekken Tag Tournament in her Mishima Zaibatsu color variation. Shen is limited to 1500 pieces world wide and will cost $65.

    This is the white costume version of Storm from the X-Men. There are 2000 of her out there and she is $60.

    This is the X-23 X-Force edition. Only 1000 of this sharp clawed chick are available and she costs $60.

    Based on the large production runs of all of these I would imagine that there will be some left over available for all of us unable to attend the show. But if you don't wanna take that chance, you can go to www.kotous.com right now and preorder any of the figures above. I wish more companies did things like this instead of making collectors pay ridiculous prices to resellers. It would make me less angry.

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