Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stinky Poo by Bored Inc.

    Normally, if you were to wake up and find your kid snuggling a poop you would have great cause for concern.  Once the initial shock wore off you would have to worry about expensive therapy sessions and maybe even leaving your little one on the side of the road somewhere to be raised by the wolves that obviously birthed them.  But fear not, cause these poos are socially acceptable to snuggle.  These are Stinky Poo Plushies from Bored Inc. and they are making their debut at San Diego Comic Con.  can't make it to California?  Who cares, cause you can get these guys afterwards if you want.  My favorite is Poo-Quito and not just because this is what I think of whenever I pass by a Taco Bell.  Actually, that's the reason.  And I like his mustache.  

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