Friday, July 20, 2012

Custom Toy of the Week: Jon-Paul Kaiser

    I have a black cat by the name of Icarus who has an issue with ingesting things. He eats shoelaces, shirt sleeves, bits of carpet, plastic bags, etc. etc. Basically there is very little we can leave around the house that he will not try to swallow. One day a lone slug managed to squeeze his way under our storm door and enter our house. We didn't see his entrance, but we discovered him after hearing a loud slurping sound coming from behind a chair. Icarus had sucked the slime off of 90% of the intruder before I was able to rescue it from being completely devoured. My wife, already not a huge fan of slugs, threw up.

    Now imagine the rolls were reversed and 2 slugs went about sucking my poor kitty's brain.  Here you have that scenario courtesy of Jon-Paul Kaiser.  I private collector commissioned him to run wild on a Betso Dunny and this was the final result.  Pretty dang cool me thinks.  If you ask really nicely, and throw some cash money into the mix, Mr. Kaiser would love to make a custom creation for you.  Hit him up at and check out more of his amazing black and white creations.

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