Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Outland Store 8th Anniversary Party Exclusives and Signings

    I'm continuing my anti-cute toys theme today with these two exclusives that were produce for The Outland Store's 8th Anniversary.  What's cute about a brain shaped like a skull?  Nothing.  In fact, it's pretty weird, but in the good way.  Not like the way people are weird on public transportation in rural areas.  When you live in a city, public transportation is a must and everyone uses it.  When you live out in the country, riding the bus is like attending a sideshow, or shopping at Wal-Mart.  You never know what kind of crazy things you will see or hear.  I have the same theory about people who ride bikes.  People riding bikes in the city are hipsters.  People riding bikes in the country are crack heads.  Just look next time you're out and about as my theory blossoms right before your eyes.  You're welcome.

    Back to skull brain thingys.  Emilio Garcia made 8 of these limited red ones just for this event and he will be there to sign 'em too.  Pretty nifty.  

    Jesse Hernandez x Kuso Vinyl also made this Shadow Edition Death Serpent to help Outland Celebrate their milestone.  Eighty of these angry looking bros exist and Jesse will also be there in person to sign them.  The event takes place June 16th in Amsterdam, which I hear is a fun place to go anyway.  I've never been, but I don't get out too much.     

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