Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Releases This Thursday from The Mark Ultra

    These guys look like they control all of the taco sauce drilling efforts in Mexico.  You didn't know that that's how they got taco sauce?  It's just like drilling for oil except when there's a spill you just pass out tortilla chips and it's a party.  This guy is called Senor Cybernetico and he was made by The Mark Ultra and Alexis Ziritt.  And while they may or may not use scare tactics to control their interests in taco sauce, they will be on sale starting Thursday, June 6th.  They will be $20 each and the red and gold one will be for sale at, while the black and silver will be for sale at Alexis's booth at Heroes Con this Friday.

    The Mark Ultra also teamed up with Green Plastic Tunnels to create some one-off lucky bags for release this Thursday as well.  For $22 you could get any one of the hand made figures you see below.  These will also be available at  

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