Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Prey For Me by Godmachine x Disturbia

    I get tired of cutesy things.  Sure, my house is filled with little plastic creations that fall into that category, but sometimes you need something a bit darker.  Something that will make people wonder what you have going on in your basement.   

    Godmachine and Disturbia have just the thing.  Just look at it.  It's magnificent.  It looks like it was pulled from the bowels of Hell and is ready to be put on your shelf so your cats can rub their faces all over it.  Or put it on your desk at work so everyone stops stealing your favorite pen (I know who you are).  This sucker is 8 inches tall and comes in black, bronze, and white.  They made 100 of the black and just 50 of the other two, making this evil little monk pretty limited.  You can open your house up to the dark side on June 18th when they are available to preorder through

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