Monday, June 17, 2013

Custom Sprogs and Robobees from Lunabee

    We're going all out cute today.  I can't be dark and brooding all the time like I was as a teenager.  I don't have time to lock myself in my room, listen to Marilyn Manson records, and think about how great it will be when I blow this hick town and become a guitar god.  Now I listen to Marilyn Manson while driving in the car to get Vitamin Water from Target and to pay my cable bill.  So it's cool now if I wear something other than black and let a little bit of cuteness into my life.  

    Lunabee painted these figures that were made by her man friend Cris Rose and has turned them from rusty robots into patrons of summer.  They will be on sale today at 7pm London time (that sounds so fancy) at

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