Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Evel Fett Figure from Retro Outlaw x 3D Retro for SDCC

    Mother of God how cool is this?  How come no one has ever mashed up Star Wars and Evel Knievel before in toy form before?  Looking at this picture it just seems like the obvious thing to do.  The only thing that would make this better is if he had that stunt cycle for the '70's that you had to rev up an watch as it crashed into the wall.  

See how much fun he's having.  Or she's having.  It was an ambiguous time.  

    Retro Outlaw and 3D Retro (that's a lot of retro) are making this king of bounty hunting dare devils available at this year's San Diego Comic Con.  You can pick one up for $120 at booth #929.  Then you can go home because nothing will be cooler than this.  Or you could stay, since I'm sure it cost you a lot of money to get there and whatnot.  But buy this guy first so you have something to hug the rest of the time.  

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