Friday, June 21, 2013

Uglydoll x Universal Monsters Plushies for Halloween

    I know, I was kind of a jerk yesterday and didn't post anything.  I was spending the day with my wife, roaming around the city of Philadelphia like two lost tourists.  It was fun, we saw some weird stuff:

    Weird thing #1:  There was a new sneaker released yesterday and a huge line outside of a store we walked past of people trying to buy them.  One person in line was in a wheelchair and did not actually have legs.  And he was waiting in line to buy sneakers.  With no legs.

    Weird thing #2:  We went to a book signing that night and there were two blind people there.  It was at this point that I asked God why he was torturing me.

    So yes, the moral of the story is that I neglected my duties yesterday to entertain you, while I was thoroughly amused by the many things I saw all day.  It doesn't seem fair, but it also gave you a chance to peruse the archives and remember the fun we've had together in days gone long past.

    This Halloween you can buy yourself some new cuddle buddies in the form of Uglydolls dressed as Universal Monsters.  Just look how cute they are?  They're gonna be $20 when they're released so you can totally get them all, throw them on your bed, and roll around like you're Scrooge McDuck in his pile of money.  Except this will be softer and less coated in germs.  

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