Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Magnitude" Admiral Ackbar Mini Bust for SDCC from Gentle Giant

    If I were a rich man I would have a huge library in my house.  With rich, dark wood and rolling ladders to reach the multitudes of books.  A few leather chairs for reading, possibly a stately desk from which I could examine my important papers.  And this.  Under a glass dome in the center of the room.  In fact, while they were planning my library I would allow the architects some alone time with it so they could create something worthy of such a majestic piece.  

    Admiral Ackbar looks ready to take command of Her Majesty's Royal Fleet in this bust from Gentle Giant.  Based on artwork by Steven Daily, this mini bust stands 8 inches tall and comes packaged in a wooden box with a print of the original art that inspired it.  It will be available at San Diego Comic Con, but non convention goers can preorder one now and it will ship to you after the convention is over.  That gives you time to go to Home Depot and spruce the place up a bit before its arrival.  

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