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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"It's Spring" Marshall from 64 Colors x Rotofugi x Squibbles Ink

    Man, let me tell you something.  There I was, watching Wrestlemania on Sunday, when suddenly my internet connection goes down.  Can you believe that nonsense?  I reset the router, reset my Playstation 3, almost drop kicked my neighbor just because (I see her eyeballin me with her judging eyes), but nothing worked.  About an hour later it finally came back up which meant I didn't get nearly the amount of sleep I normally would have because I had to stay up and watch it or the internet would have completely spoiled the results.  The point is I'm still tired, but Wrestlemania will always be worth it.  The end.

    My wife always makes fun of me when I'm over tired because I look all spaced out like something's on my mind.  There was some commercial for ADHD medicine that showed some lady thinking about the Easter bunny during some work meeting and since then she thinks that's what's on my mind.  Yeah, maybe I do think about bunnies more than most grown men, but that's not for me to say and I doubt there's been a reputable study done on it.

    Look, more bunnies for me to contemplate!  It's the already adorable Marshall from 64 Colors upping his level of cuteness dressed as a rabbit.  Produced by Squibbles Ink and Rotofugi, these dudes are limited to just 350 pieces and will be available beginning tomorrow, April 1st, for $12.95 each.  Get yours at 10:59am eastern time at

Monday, July 15, 2013

More SDCC Releases from Squibbles Ink x Rotofugi

    What am I gonna do with myself once all this Comic Con stuff is over with?  Maybe I'll write a novel, or start a motorcycle gang.  There's been so much stuff to talk about and I can't keep up with it all, so maybe I'll just take more naps to rest my weary brain.  Making every post this sexy takes work my friends.  

    Squibbles Ink and Rotofugi have a bunch more plastic thingys that I haven't told you about yet and that I'm gonna do right now.  Like this Vesper Dredge from Brian Morris.  Kinda freaky, like some back woods totem worshiped by mixed up hillbillies.  Or to reference my childhood, Christmas time with family.  We would dance around this guy right before we burned our Christmas witches.  For $65, you can start your own holiday traditions.  

    Chris Ryniak's Snybora figure is always a good buy.  At times he looks cute.  At times he looks murderous.  It just depends on what angle you look at him from.  Decide for yourself for $38.

    This guy was also designed by Chris Ryniak and would make a perfect companion piece to the Snybora figure.  You could reenact all of the Lethal Weapons movies and put them on Youtube.  This guy is obviously Danny Glover.  It's $108 for the painted one, and $75 for a blank pink one.  

    As soon as the folks at the Discovery Channel hear about a marshmallow yeti they're gonna make a reality show about trying to find one.  The show will be filled with stupids that hear sounds that no one else does and see things that no one else does.  "Wait, did you hear that?'' No, no one heard that.  Even with all the high tech electronics you have it did not pick up the mating call you swear you heard.  You're a liar or you need medication.  

    This Sparkle Yeti Mini Marshall is real though. It was made by 64 Colors and is a bargain at only $9.  Good luck finding a parking space for cheaper.  

    Max Toy Co. will also be there with a plethora of customs and production figures to fit every budget.  And this isn't even everything they're gonna bring.  Kaiju, Kaiju, Kaiju!!!!!!!

Get it all at booth #5248.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Maple Man Mini Marshall from 64 Colors x Squibbles Ink x Rotofugi

    When my wife and I went to Montreal a few years back one of the places we wanted to hit up was Tim Hortons.  Ok, maybe that's a little lame, but we're huge hockey fans and we don't have them where we live so it was kinda exciting for us.  The first (and last) donuts we tried were these maple iced donuts.  Holy mother of God those were the most amazing donuts we've ever eaten in our lives!  We ate them every morning for breakfast and would get one every time we passed a Tim Hortons, which is like passing a hooker in Atlantic City at 3am.  We counted up the empty boxes and bags at the end of our stay, and we determined that we each ate a dozen of them in a week.  The whole time it was a blur of maple flavored goodness and I am just thankful that we are not diabetic as a result.

    So to wrap this up, I have a special love for all things maple, that's why this new Mini Marshall from 64 Colors x Squibbles Ink x Rotofugi really speaks to me.  They made 200 of these guys to coincide with the opening of their Maple City art show tonight in Chicago and attendees will have the first crack at these figures.  Any left overs will then be put up on this Monday, June 10th.  Each one was hand printed and distressed and will sell for $14.95.  That would buy quite a few donuts.