Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"It's Spring" Marshall from 64 Colors x Rotofugi x Squibbles Ink

    Man, let me tell you something.  There I was, watching Wrestlemania on Sunday, when suddenly my internet connection goes down.  Can you believe that nonsense?  I reset the router, reset my Playstation 3, almost drop kicked my neighbor just because (I see her eyeballin me with her judging eyes), but nothing worked.  About an hour later it finally came back up which meant I didn't get nearly the amount of sleep I normally would have because I had to stay up and watch it or the internet would have completely spoiled the results.  The point is I'm still tired, but Wrestlemania will always be worth it.  The end.

    My wife always makes fun of me when I'm over tired because I look all spaced out like something's on my mind.  There was some commercial for ADHD medicine that showed some lady thinking about the Easter bunny during some work meeting and since then she thinks that's what's on my mind.  Yeah, maybe I do think about bunnies more than most grown men, but that's not for me to say and I doubt there's been a reputable study done on it.

    Look, more bunnies for me to contemplate!  It's the already adorable Marshall from 64 Colors upping his level of cuteness dressed as a rabbit.  Produced by Squibbles Ink and Rotofugi, these dudes are limited to just 350 pieces and will be available beginning tomorrow, April 1st, for $12.95 each.  Get yours at 10:59am eastern time at www.rotofugi.com.

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