Friday, March 6, 2015

Evenfall Strigoi Totemnaut from 3A

    Mankind is a curious creature.  We want to know everything, constantly improve the things we have, and explore every dark corner of our world and beyond.  Anyone who has ever entered an abandoned building to explore the decaying architecture only to run into a transient crack head will tell you: being a pioneer often times comes with a price.  Sometimes that price is trying not to let a filthy drug addict touch you, other times it is far greater.  

    I don't know what's ailing these astronauts, but it certainly looks contagious.  3A are the masters of toys that tantalize and horrify and these guys are firmly part of the latter.  The red Strigoi Totemnaut is a retailer exclusive, while the yellow will only be available through  Each one comes with a booklet written by Chris Ryall and illustrated by Ashley Wood, and will be available for purchase Monday, March 9th.  

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