Thursday, March 26, 2015

New YinYang Tuttz and More from Argonaut Resins Available Tonight

    This pretty much sums up the dual personalities of cats pretty well.  On the one hand they're all sweet and cuddly and want nothing more than your affection.  On the other hand they are devious little psychopaths who want nothing more than to climb your new curtains like they were training for Wrestlemania.  And you never know from one minute to the next which version you're going to get.  Unless they're napping, then you can bring your expensive stuff back out of hiding with minimal fear that it will end up stolen and under the bed where they know you can't get them back.  Our littlest one is especially devious, as she sits on her hoard like Smaug on Dwarf gold.  

    Argonaut Resins is loading up his web store tonight with a bunch of new stuff playing off of the  theme of duality.  There will be 10 of these stunning black and white 8 inch Tuttz cats available.  Each one is $165 shipped and will come with a matching Tuttz magnet, a set of stickers, and a sketch card.  

    Also releasing tonight will be a one-off Kings of Atlantis Skull made to mimic the kitty. This guy will be available for $175.  

    Everything goes live tonight at 9pm eastern time only at  



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