Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Rainy Day Antagonist Kickstarter from Evilos

    We've all had those days where it seems like the universe is out to get us.  Those days where you wonder if how you want to respond will land you in jail for 25 to life.  Evilos has those days too.  The man loves to paint, and for him to do what he loves he needs the weather to cooperate.  When it doesn't, it can kind of feel just like his new resin figure looks.  "The Rainy Day Antagonist" has just gone live on Kickstarter and needs your help to see the light of day.  Plus, how can you not want  a figure that is flipping the elusive double bird?  I like to utilize this very cut and dry gesture while navigating through New Jersey traffic, but I have to keep at least on hand on the wheel, so I alternate which hand I use so no one feels left out.  My middle fingers are so strong from being used repeatedly against terrible drivers that I could probably snap your neck with one of them.  Just kidding, I'm really a nice guy (in case my employers are reading this).  

    You can click HERE right now and get in on all the exclusive rewards for helping to fund this project.  Do it.    

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