Thursday, March 6, 2014

Autopsy Zombie Staple Baby Custom Show at Toy Art Gallery

    There are many moments I can look back on and pinpoint as those in which I knew I would marry my wife Sharon.  Like the fact that one of our first dates was spent gawking at the medical specimens that fill the Mutter Museum.  We fell in love amongst the wax models of syphilis and the eerie, cheshire grins of fetal skeletons.  But one thing I've never been a big fan of are the wet specimens; those floppy bits of tissue suspended in preserving solution.  I just imagine them breaking open and the only recourse being to burn everything that the gross liquid touches.  This goes double for the weird babies in jars, who sometimes bother me and other times I can look at with interest.  It really just depends on the mood I'm in when we happen to be at the museum.  

    I feel much the same about these Autopsy Babies from Miscreation Toys.  Some days they look interesting, others I just want to yell "KILL IT WITH FIRE".  Bizarre wouldn't even begin to describe them.  But if you're looking for a good time and the idea of plastic corpses tickles your fancy then may I suggest a trip to Toy Art Gallery this Saturday (March 8th) for their custom show featuring these little rotten tots.  The opening reception is from 7-10pm.

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