Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Get Your Intergalactic Drank on With This New Figure From 2bitHACK

    What, you thought the galaxy was all lightsaber duels and bacteria in your blood that gives you magical powers?  The struggle is real, even in space.  Not everybody has a need for a robot that can pilot their spacecraft (especially if its on cinderblocks on the front lawn) or one that can speak a bajillion languages.  Sometimes you need a droid that can provide pure, urine-flavored liquid refreshment that will eat a hole through your stomach and make the pain go away.  That's what R4Doz does best.  2bitHACK has created a series of 29 of these resin dudes that are looking forward to keeping you company on those cold nights on the curb by 7-11.  Pick one up now by going to

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