Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Last Knight from Andrew Bell

    I'm not much of a board game person.  Shocking, I know, that I wouldn't want to gather a bunch of people together and play Scrabble til the sun came up.  Board games are too much commitment to being around other people.  Say you sit down to a game of Monopoly with your friends.  You know that game takes forever and by hour four you just want these people out of your house.  But you've signed some unwritten pact to see this game through so you are chained to them like a prison sentence when all you wanna do is watch Monday Night Raw and eat cookies until the pain stops.  But you can't cause they're gonna want cookies too, and if you know anything about emotional eating you know that there are not enough cookies to make the pain stop and to share.  Do you see this spiral of horror you have set in motion all because of a seemingly innocent board game?

   Chess is no better because you could each be down to your last man and just chase each other around the board for hours.  That's what always happened to me until I would knock everything in the floor and challenge my opponent to a fist fight to settle our impasse.

    Andrew Bell made this and it looks cool.  That's a fact and is therefore not up for debate.  What is also a fact is that he made 500 of them and they will be unleashed upon this world this Saturday, May 15th, for $65 at your favorite places to buy fancy toys.  I like it, but I'm also a sucker for a good skull, be it plastic or otherwise.  

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